Tower Trikes

Tower Trikes were developed to save lives!


The Titan Trike of America

built for safety.

  1. Road Debris
  2. Deer/Wildlife
  3. Careless Drivers

Why is it so dangerous to ride a motorcycle?

How does a Tower Trike save lives?

We have the largest footprint allowed for motorcycles.

  • 102″ Wide
  • 18′ 6″ Long
  • Avg 102″ High
  • 10,950 lbs

High profile allows for better visibility – “SEE AND BE SEEN”

Driver and passenger placement

Motorcycles sit inches off the ground, putting your body in DIRECT contact with passenger vehicles in the event of a collision.

Tower Trike riders are riding 4-5ft higher than normal motorcycles – essentially putting you out of the “crash zone”.

Seat belt statistics

Seat belts reduce the risk of death by 45% and cut the risk of serious injury by 50%.

All Tower Trikes are seat belt equipped!

size and stability

Due to vehicle size and stability, we have dramatically reduced accident potential caused by road debris and animals.

We also solved motorcycle instability due to high wind air rotors and blast from other vehicles.

Dual steer tires

Our patented dual tire steering configuration allows for better handling and control on grooved pavement, in road construction areas, under high-speed handling and if hydroplaning on water.


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Blessing of the Bikes

We don’t just do a ‘Blessing of the Bikes’ – We have the ‘Almighty God’ riding with us!

All Tower Trikes will be equipped with our Lord and Savior’s Cross and Almighty God’s 10 Commandments, along with a salute to our military, police, and firefighters.

His blessing riding with you as well as blessing the people you encounter.  P.S. – Don’t plan on stopping for ‘just a bit’ for food or fuel.  Hope you like to talk.


Tower Trike Prototype Test Unit – 2015

Tower Trike History

Please note:  We value your safety as we would our own.

We have been testing and refining these motorcycles for 7+ years.

We build everything to last – not the most efficient.  It’s called overkill!

We don’t skimp on quality or safety.  We also build Protote Fifth Wheel Wreckers ( and have 20+ years of safety experience on 6 continents!

Testing by our techs has been done over all terrain types and covers about 22,000 miles!  We’ve been as far West as Washington State and California, and all across the USA.  We were recently honored to attend the memorial for the 20th anniversary of 9/11 in Shanksville, PA.

Please note:

As of this posting we are a small, privately owned shop.  We custom build the trikes with quality craftsmen which takes about 6+ weeks.  Our present capacity is 8-9 units per year.

Final note:

Some may think that the price is high.  We will work on reducing that as we can.

CONSIDER THIS – what does a week in the hospital cost you?  What is your healthy body worth?